“ELPLAST +” produces polyethylene and polypropylene pipes for a wide range of applications. Starting with pipes for the transmission of drinking water, sewage, telecommunication, irrigation applications, ending with pipes for hydrotransporting sand and gravel or pipes for floor heating made of PE-RT material.

Elplast+ pipes

ELPLAST+ produces high-quality pipes that are widely used. The company’s product range includes ten different types of pipes. All of them are made of high-quality materials, i.e. polyethylene and polypropylene. ELPLAST+ pipes can be used, among other things, to transfer drinking water, to sewage systems, and even to hydrotransport sand or gravel. Moreover, the pipes can be used for various mining, telecommunication and irrigation applications. Each type of pipe has its own special purpose, so, for example, water and sewage pipes are extremely durable and can be used for min. 50 years. They are also extremely resistant to stray currents and to biological and chemical factors. On the other hand, PE pipes for irrigation are very flexible and you can easily cut holes in them and insert nozzles and capillaries. The ELPLAST+ pipes are distinguished above all by high quality and durability, but also high care for ecology in the production process. The company also undertakes the production of non-standard and niche pipes on special order. For ELPLAST+, the key is always the quality of workmanship, which is why its products have gained recognition on the domestic and many foreign markets.