We produce water meter chamber in sizes of: DN1000, DN1000/1200, DN800 mm, DN600, DN500 and DN400. These chambers are intended for installation of a water meter and necessary equipment to connect recipients using water supply networks.

Water meter chambers

Water meter chambers are distinguished by easy access to and reading of the water meter. Water meter chambers are made of polyethylene (PE). It is an extremely durable material, resistant to corrosion, weather conditions and the any ground environment. They are also frost-resistant. The low weight of the entire structure enables effective and easy transport as well as trouble-free assembly.

Water meter chambers are used outside the property to install a water meter and other elements of the water meter console. A water meter chamber is an excellent proposition for undeveloped land properties. It is also a bull’s eye for buildings where there are no rooms suitable for installing a water meter.

Our offer includes water meter chambers with a ribbed structure of the body ensuring high stiffness and good anchoring in the ground. A tight and safe cover is another advantage of our product.