ELPLAST + is a producer of casing pipes for a wide range of applications. The use of protective pipes is to protect low voltage cables, telecommunications cables, optical fibers and many other cables. They are mounted both in the ground and in the open air in the UV version.

Executive material

Casing pipes are most often made of polyethylene. Due to its properties, it is the most effective in protecting cables against destructive factors. Polyethylene is highly resistant to chemical irritants, the concentration of which in the soil can often be high. The resistance to both low and extremely high temperatures and the flexibility of the material are also important.

Ground and external casing pipes

Pipes used in soil and those located on the surface should have slightly different properties, as the risks are different in both environments. Primarily, ground casing pipes must be flexible and resistant to moisture. In the case of external pipes, the main risk is the atmospheric factors. That is why their lower sensitivity to changing temperature and UV radiation is so important. In order to meet the above requirements, the external pipes are usually made in black and modified in terms of UV resistance.