ELPLAST+ produces polyethylene manholes with a diameter of 315 mm intended for the construction of external drainage systems.

The manholes are used in green areas not loaded more than 500 kg with the use of a PE cover of a cast iron cover according to PN-EN 124 and a concrete ring. Most often, drainage wells are used in single-family housing (e.g. drainage around buildings), in recreational and sports areas, gardens and excavation drainage. Drainage chambers can be used as inspection chambers for flushing clogged drainage systems with deposited soil. Almost all of us face the problem of excess rainwater around the house in our everyday life. Drainage wells have been manufactured to prevent such problems, i.e. to remove excess rainwater from the ground surface.

Application of a drainage manhole

The main manholes of drainage systems is to drain rainwater to sewer drains or watercourses, they are less frequently used for pumping water. A manhole should be located where the drainage pipes change direction. Each well has inlets and outlets as well as a settling tank in which sand is collected, carried by the water flowing through the drainage pipes. The diameter of the drainage manholes is usually 315 mm


Elplast + drainage chambers are highly economical, durable, corrosion and mechanical damage resistant products. Easy to install, offered with complete equipment, they should be used on every plot and in every garden. They were produced with your satisfaction in mind.