ELPLAST + manufactures polyethylene manholes by rotoforming manholes with a diameter of DN1000, DN800, DN600 mm intended for the construction of external gravity sewage systems (sanitary and rainwater), pressure, drainage – as inspection, inlet, expansion, sedimentation chambers, for sewage pumping stations and water supply networks. as water meter chambers

Elplast + manholes can be used both in areas not exposed to high loads and in a road lane. We produce manholes that will meet your expectations. Our manholes are made of polyethylene, which is resistant to all corrosive substances and low temperature, durable and resistant to abrasion. In many resistance tests, polyethylene has proved to be more durable than concrete. During operation, the material does not contribute to environmental pollution. The mahnoles are extremely resistant to chemical corrosion and do not require multiple maintenance. Sewer manholes are very light – you do not need heavy equipment to assemble them. The installation of the manhole is easy and simple even in difficult field conditions.

Sewerage chamber intended for the installation of external gravity sewage networks.

Manholes is used to create a sewage network i.e.:

  • sanitary sewers
  • storm waters sewers
  • pressure sewers
  • drainage

Sewer manholes can be used as a manhole as:

  • inlet manhole
  • expansion manhole
  • inspection manhole
  • settling manhole
  • sewage manhole

Elplast manholes can be used in areas with low loads and on road lanes. Our sewage chamber has reinforced elements. Depending on your needs, you can choose manholes consisting of standard, reinforced and optimal elements, which combine standard and reinforced elements.