The transport of the excavated material from the water gravel pits from the mining sites to the dump or directly to the sorting plant is usually carried out by pipelines floating in the water or on platforms. The main operational problems are: safe operation and lifetime of the pipes. These problems are solved by the system offered by ELPLAST+. Elplast+ is a family company from Jastrzębie Zdrój, dealing in the production of plastic components. Its offer includes, among others, hydrotransport pipes and platforms for transporting excavated material by aggregate mines.

PE pipes

The pipes offered by Elplast + are made of a special mixture of granules, the exact recipe remains the company’s secret. This composition allows to obtain a final product that is very resistant to abrasion, which is important in the case of pipes transporting gravel and sand suspensions. The product is available in twelve-meter sections, which are then joined together with a flange connection. Elplast + offers Standard and Forte pipes, depending on the type selected, its diameter ranges from DN200 to DN400 mm.

Floating platforms

The company’s assortment also includes floating platforms that act as a load-bearing (working) platform for transporting the excavated material with pipes. The platforms offered by Elplast + consist of several components, incl. These are elements of polyethylene floating platforms, railings made of steel, pipe holders with a stop for a cable, lamp bracket, connecting footbridges and other connecting elements. The offer also includes floats, ideal for transporting individual pipes for hydrotransport.