for hydrotransport

for hydrotransport


for hydrotransport

MATERIAL polyethylene (HDPE) with increased abrasion resistance

APPLICATION for the transport of gravel and sand pulp and other raw materials extracted by gravel pits (mines)

RANGE DN200 mm – DN450 mm

Standard type hydrotransport pipes (according to ZN ELPLAST + 021) and Forte type (according to ZN ELPLAST + 032) with diameters from 200 to 450 mm. The exact dimensions of the pipes are given in the above-mentioned standards containing dimension tables. The raw material for the production of pipes is a special polyethylene that allows to increase the abrasion resistance of pipes transporting the water suspension of sand, gravel and other raw materials extracted by gravel pits (mines). The easy and necessary rotation of the pipes during operation in such installations additionally extends their service life. As standard, the pipes are produced in 12-meter sections, and to connect them, “ELPLAST +” Sp. z o.o. offers put-on steel flanges (fixed or movable – reusable) or heated polyethylene sleeves with loose steel flanges. At the customer’s request, it is possible to produce pipes of a different length and flanges with a hole pitch diameter adjusted to the existing installation. A very convenient and quick connection is the Victaulic system couplings – reusable.


  • easy and quick assembly and disassembly
  • high mobility of pipeline elements
  • polyethylene pipes do not grow, corrode and do not require maintenance
  • easy rotation of the pipes for even wall abrasion around the entire circumference
  • longer service life compared to typical polyethylene pipes
  • specially selected pipe dimensions (thickened wall)


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