We manufacture PE565 or PE650 floats made of polyethylene, filled with polystyrene. Floats perform a displacement function for wooden-structure platforms.

The structure of the platforms is made of pressure-impregnated pine beams. The deck of the pier is made of a pressure-impregnated pine board. Modules are connected with each other by hinge connectors. Platforms can be equipped with various accessories, including cleats, rails, ladders, pedestals. Modules are anchored by means of anchor rods or dead anchors. The platforms can be delivered assembled or disassembled for self-assembly. Wooden platforms on floats are distinguished primarily by their simplicity and ease of assembly / disassembly. The platforms are shallow, so we can successfully use them on shallow lakes or other water reservoirs. Suitable for mooring small yachts, pedalos, kayaks or small boats.

Wooden platforms on polyethylene floats are a unique design at an affordable price, made of pine wood, they are extremely practical and elegant. The finish allows for the installation of additional accessories, such as railings or ladders. The construction significantly facilitates the possible disassembly or transfer of the platform. Models on polyethylene floats are filled with polystyrene, thanks to which they are characterized by high displacement. There is a possibility of any configuration of the platform consisting of ready-made elements, which makes it ideal for further expansion or modification. The advantage of the structure is the possibility of periodic disassembly, even in winter. Additional accessories will make the recreational platform look massive, and the solid structure will make it much more durable than classic platforms with a full steel or wooden structure.