In order to meet the expectations of people who love relaxation in a kayak, a system of the inrun platform for kayaks has been created. The ramp has been designed in order to facilitate the launching and lifting of these small vessels from the water.

Specially designed rollers and fitted handrails make it easier to get on and off the slip.

LP Parameter Value
1 Overall dimensions [cm] L 700 x W148,5 x H32,5
2 Mass 410kg
3 Maximum load 1540kg
4 The dimensions of the railings [cm] 4400 x 260

Tab. No. 1 Technical data of the ELPLAST + kayak at the ramp

Prices on individual customer request.


  • convenience of use:
    • protecting the kayak from damage during mooring, loading or transport
    • easy and comfortable access to the kayak,
    • easy to keep the kayak clean,
    • it has rollers to facilitate the descent and entry of the kayak
    • it has low railings to facilitate the entry of the kayak to the pier
  • security
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • easier transportation when disassembled – 4 parts
  • the possibility of extension (increasing the length by using additional modules),
  • long life
  • non-slip surface