The ELPLAST + inrun platform has a modular structure, consisting of 3 main parts in the standard version. Its modular design allows the port to be expanded and scooters to be parked one behind the other.

The platform is made of polyethylene – a durable material, resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. Properly profiled structure and inrun rollers provide a stable support for the scooter. The upper surface of the port is non-slip. The port is designed for two, three and four-person water scooters, it has two rollers for the keel and eight rollers for the bow. It has a handle for attaching a scooter and holes for a winch. It is possible to attach the port with the front or side to the platform.

Inrun platform – application

The inrun port is a practical solution for owners of several scooter models, especially for all those who rent water vehicles professionally. In the inrun port, there can be various models of scooters, from two to even four people, which, in addition, can be placed one after the other. Scooters are pulled out of the water using special rollers designed for the keel or the bow. The construction of the port gives full freedom in mounting the scooter – it can be attached in the front or side position. The inrun ports for water scooters can be freely expanded with other parts. The whole thing is made of plastic, which is polyethylene. This material is extremely stable, and at the same time characterized by high resistance. Each part of the port has a properly fitted structure that ensures comfortable attachment of the scooter. The port also has anti-skid protection. This makes it a safe haven for every jet ski and its user. The use of the inrun port is a quick way to assess the technical condition of the scooter. Such an inrun port is a convenient tool for frequent scooter use – especially if small children are on board.