Power & Telecom chambers

“ELPLAST +” Sp. z o.o. manufactures polyethylene chambers for power&optical cables SKO-1 and SKO2/4 PE. They are an excellent alternative to chambers made in a traditional way, e.g. concrete.

The power&telecom chamber is designed for building power and optical cable ducting lines and allows access to casing pipes during work related to pulling and connecting power cables, fiber optic and teletechnical cables and during cable maintenance. Power&Telecom chambers are used as through, corner or branch chambers. Our Power&Telecom chambers can be installed instead of any concrete chambers.

Power & Telecom chamber – when needed?

The Power&Telecom chamber is designed to facilitate access to the wiring. Inside you will find a power cable and fiber optic coupler used to connect cables.

Power & Telecom chamber from ELPLAST+

The Power & Telecom chamber produced by our company is made of polyethylene. These are SKO-1 and SKO-2/4-PE manholes. It is an ideal alternative to traditional concrete chambers. Power & Telecom chambers are used during the construction of cable ducts. Our chambers allow easy access to casing pipes during any work with the cable. Our Power & Telecom Chambers are extremely durable products that can be installed in places where concrete chambers have been used. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of Power & Telecom chambers with high quality.