We produce high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes of PE 80 and PE 100 class in the diameter range from DN50 mm to DN630, SDR 33 to SDR 11 (pressure PN 4 to PN 16) for the construction of pressurized rainwater and sanitary sewage networks and for non-pressure sewage systems drainage and sewerage.

Sewege pipes from Elplast +

Elplast+ offers the highest quality sewage pipes made of polyethylene. They are suitable for the construction of a pressure sewage system laid in the ground, both in the municipal and industrial sectors. An unquestionable advantage that distinguishes sewage pipes manufactured by Elplast + from other similar products available on the Polish and European market is the extraordinary resistance to cracks, and thus – tightness. Sewage pipes are resistant not only to very high pressure, but also to all kinds of chemical and biological factors that can be very dangerous to pipes made of traditional materials. Fortunately, Elplast+ pipes are made with the highest precision of very good quality materials, thanks to which the sewage pipes fulfill their function properly throughout the years of their work. It is also worth noting that all pipes produced by our company show high flexibility and very low hydraulic losses throughout their lifetime. PEHD pipes can be joined in many ways, the most popular is butt welding, thanks to which the entire pipeline is homogeneous and 100% tight. This distinguishes polyethylene from other materials.