PE pipes for the construction of artificial ice rinks and heat pumps

ELPLAST+ manufactures pipes and fittings for the construction of the freezing installation of artificial ice rinks and smaller slides in the fixed plate version as well as removable seasonal ice rinks.

Depending on the applied technical solutions of the freezing system, modified polyethylene pipes with diameters DN10, DN16, DN20, DN25, DN32 mm, resistant to the cooling medium, are manufactured. At the customer’s request, a non-standard pipe can be made in terms of diameter, wall thickness or coil length, after prior consultation with ELPLAST +. The pipe rings are 100% leak-tested. Elplast + pipes made of modified polyethylene resistant to glycol are also recommended for use in heat pump installations, both for vertical boreholes and for horizontal probes. The most commonly used for this purpose are SDR11 pipes, with a diameter of DN32 and DN40 mm.