ELPLAST + produces a system of polyethylene rotoformed floating docks for the construction of marinas for kayaks, bicycles, yachts, swimming pools (swimming pools), stages, platforms, etc.

The innovation of our solution consists in eliminating wood and steel as mato-effective materials and replacing them with aesthetic and maintenance-free plastic elements. These elements, being closed profiles, simultaneously perform the functions of a float and a modular, easy-to-assemble construction element. Their durability and aesthetics as well as safety and hygiene of use significantly exceed the solutions used so far. in addition to the above-mentioned plastic platforms, we have also launched the production of:

  • access ports (jetties) for water scooters
  • wooden platforms on plastic floats
  • floats filled with polystyrene under the construction of wooden platforms
  • swimming pools floating in open waters

Currently, thanks to the purchase of a line for the preparation of raw materials, we offer the possibility of making products from materials characterized by a long service life, interesting colors and resistance to weather conditions.