Water pipes

“ELPLAST +” manufactures high-density polyethylene (HDPE) PE 100, PE80 and PE100RC water pipes. The water pipe is intended for underground and above-ground construction of water pipelines as well as construction of tecnological pipelines.

Water pipes – available types

Pressure pipes are used in the construction of water and sewage networks. The durability of water and sewage pipes is very important. We are well aware of this, which is why the products offered by Elplast+ on our website are durable and resistant to, among others, corrosion. The PEHD pipes we offer have a wide range of applications. It is an essential component for any underground pipeline. Water and sewage pipes are made of high-density polyethylene (PE-100). Such pipes can be joined in many ways: by butt welding, electrofusion welding, as well as polyfusion or flange connections. When you buy Elplast+ products in our store, you have a guarantee of quality and longevity of the products. Do not wait and order the necessary pipes for the construction of water supply and sewage systems today.