“ELPLAST +” offers segmented fittings made of PE 80 and PE 100 (also RC) polyethylene pipes (HDPE). Fittings are intended for the construction of water supply networks, both before and after treatment for drinking water, pressure rainwater and sanitary sewage systems, vacuum sewage systems and the transfer of water for other purposes. Segment fittings in our offer are made by butt welding of straight pipe sections at different angles. The standard diameter of the pipes is from 63 mm to 630 mm. We can also make fittings according to individual guidelines, with atypical diameters and angles, including armored ones. Our products have a Certificate of Conformity issued by the Central Mining Institute, therefore there is no requirement to adjust the working pressure for tees and elbows by reducing it in relation to the working pressure of the pipe, as is the case with some fittings.

Application of fittings:

Segmented fittings (elbows, tees, reductions) are most often used in water supply networks, for the transportation of water or any other liquids. They are used in the construction of pressure pipelines, such as pressure or vacuum stormwater drainage, sanitary sewerage, both in the municipal and industrial sectors. PE segmented fittings are an accepted standard and are widely used, guaranteeing tightness.

Jointing methods of fittings with pipes:

Segmented fittings can be joined to the pipeline by:

  • butt welding,
  • flanges,
  • Victaulic couplings.