for drilling and jacking

APPLICATION as culverts at the intersections of the cable pipeline with other field utilities, passages under roads, waterways, railway lines and in other similar situations

RANGE from DN63 to DN630 mm


RHDPEp culvert pipes recommended to be used as a cable entry on cable pipeline intersections with other weapons off-road, under roads, waterways, railway lines and in other similar situations.
Excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance, properties dielectric plastic pipes prefer them for such applications.
HDPE culvert pipes for the sake of for great flexibility and possibility welding in any length, monolithic sections, perfectly suited for use in drilling controlled.

RHDPEp pipes are produced in diameters from Ø 63 to Ø 630 mm.
Standard segment lengths pipes are 12 m. After agreement production of episodes is possible of a different length and coiled in circles 100 m long in diameter Ø 110 mm. It is also possible production of pipes of different length.
The pipes can be packed in bundles or delivered loose, as appropriate on the client’s needs.

The standard color is black.
At the request of the customer, it is possible production of pipes in a different color, also in two and three-layer versions (in the diameter range from Ø 75 to Ø 630 mm). In the case of elevated requirements for wall culverts in propagation resistance cracks, point pressures and cracks stresses are recommended to use armored pipes by “ELPLAST +” Sp. z o. o. The culvert pipes can be joined by butt welding or with ZRg connectors.


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