We produce high-quality hoses for irrigation systems in horticulture, agriculture, maintenance of green areas and sports facilities. The pipes are made of flexible polyethylene resistant to stress corrosion cracking and UV radiation, in standard operating pressures PN 6 or PN 4.

  • flexibility for easy installation and removal
  • easy to cut holes and insert nozzles and capillaries
  • possibility of using different types of couplings
  • resistance to sunlight due to the addition of a UV stabilizer
  • possibility to recycle end-of-life cables

The highest quality product

In irrigation systems, you need special pipes that will meet your expectations. Our pe pipes for irrigation are a high quality product. PE pipes for irrigation are made of polyethylene. This material is extremely versatile. You can use it in irrigation systems for sports facilities, orchards, lawns, greenhouses, gardens and farmland. As a material, polyethylene is highly resistant to dirt of plant origin. Thanks to this, the irrigation pipes are resistant to fungi and mold. The material for pe pipes for irrigation is a very flexible material. The made pe pipes for irrigation can be easily assembled and disassembled. The material can be freely cut and combined with various elements, such as connectors, fittings, nozzles or capillaries. Pe pipes for irrigation can be used outdoors. They have a UV stabilizer that protects against sunlight. Our customers can use the PE pipes for irrigation in black with a green stripe. PE pipes for irrigation come in various diameters from 16 to 75 mm. Our pipes are manufactured in two different ranges of working pressure: PN4 (pressure range up to 4 bar) and PN6 (pressure range up to 6 bar). At the customer’s special request, we make pe pipes for irrigation in other diameters.


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