Modular floats for deck structures are an excellent basis for the construction of floating docks, recreational platforms and technical platforms. The structure of the float allows for quick assembly to the structure of the platform skeleton. The float can be filled with polystyrene, which maintains its buoyancy even after puncturing the float.

Floating docks – characteristics

Floating docks are the basic and most frequently used element of every bathing beach or marina. In order for the floating platforms to have adequate displacement, floats for the structure of the platform will be necessary. Displacement floats for deck structures are used for wooden and metal bridges. Our floats for deck structures are made of polyethylene by rotational molding.
This method allows us to manufacture safe and solid floats for deck structures.. The material from which we make floats for the deck structures allows us to easily assemble and, if necessary, repair it ourselves. We mount lightweight floats with special holders to the metal structure of the platform. The floats for the deck structures do not degrade quickly. We can use them for many years. They are resistant to weather conditions, such as frost or strong sunlight.
Our floats come in three dimensions: • 1130x640x650 mm • 1130x640x450 mm • 1130x640x565 mm
Our reliable floats are able to withstand loads varying from 300 to 220 kg.


The platform floats can be filled with polystyrene. Thanks to this solution, the platform floats will ensure adequate buoyancy of the bridge structure even if the float is damaged.

Floats are used under a wooden or metal structure to provide buoyancy for a floating pontoon. The design of the float allows for quick installation to the structure of the platform frame. The floats are manufactured from polyethylene using rotomoulding technology. The float can be filled with polystyrene which retains its buoyancy characteristics even after the float is punctured.

The advantages of polyethylene are its complete resistance to environmental factors, impact and UV resistance, flexibility and light weight. If damaged, the float can be repaired by welding. Polyethylene floats are manufactured using rotomoulding technology.

We produce floats with the following heights:

H=650 mm

H=565 mm

H=450 mm



  • Easy and quick assembly, disassembly
  • Stable construction with high buoyancy
  • Wide range of applications
  • Long service life
  • Ease of repair
  • UV resistance


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