for technical works on water


for technical works on water


as a load-bearing, working platform, facilitating access to devices
technical. Service platforms can be used for various work on the water


  • the ability to configure any water systems adapted to the needs and requirements of the project
  • convenience of use
  • safety during work
  • many years of service life
  • ease of assembly
  • stable, rigid structure

Modular work platforms floating on polyethylene floats filled with
polystyrene. The work modules can be combined into floating
platforms using four types of modules: P1, P2, P3 and P4.
The floating platforms can be constructed as service platforms
for various works on the water where access to technical
equipment is required.
The platform allows or facilitates the operation of and access to
the equipment while improving work safety.
The modular technical platforms can be built using three different
float types with the following heights: 450, 565 and 650 mm.
The surface of the platform is lined with slip-resistant gratings
made of plastic or galvanised steel.
The floating module is also equipped with steel guard rails.
The modules can be combined with each other and built in different configurations depending on the

Technical Robocze modyly na plywakach


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