3150, 3250 ith threaded outlet GW 2

3150, 3250 ith threaded outlet GW 2


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ZASTOSOWANIE w pomieszczeniach i w podziemnych wyrobiskach zaliczonych do stopnia „a”, „b”, „c” niebezpieczeństwa wybuchu metanu oraz klasy „A” lub „B” zagrożenia wybuchem pyłu węglowego.


ELPLAST + Sp. z o.o. offers cast iron clamps with a connection to an internal 2″ thread for use in installations made of polyethylene pipes. These clamps allow you to easily connect, for example, a hydrant or make an outlet with an appropriate threaded connector.


Cast iron fittings are designed for installation on polyethylene pipelines for transport:

non-flammable liquids and water suspensions in shafts and underground workings of mining plants,
compressed air in shafts and underground workings of mining plants

for installation:

  • drainage,
  • hydrotransport, filling, technological,
  • air conditioning,
  • fire protection installations,
  • compressed air,
  • inert gases.


The body of the clamp is made of a semi-ring-shaped cast iron with an element that allows the connection of the discharge pipe through a threaded connection. The second half-ring cast element is the bottom of the clamp. Both parts are connected with screws that allow to tighten the clamp on the pipe in order to seal it. There are rubber gaskets between the body and the service pipe. After tightening the clamps on the pipe with the connecting bolts, you can proceed to make a hole in the pipeline and then connect the discharge


  • service pipe diameters DN 63, 90, 110, 125, 160, 200 and 225 mm
  • nominal pressure – PN 25, operating temperature -20˚C ÷ 70˚C


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