Wooden docks with plastic (PE) floats

Wooden docks with plastic (PE) floats

Originally this dock has been intended for mooring, however, it is s very versatile design. It is ideal for mooring small vessels, i.e. canoes, water bikes and small yachts. Due to their shallow draft the docks can be used even in the lowest water depths.  The wooden decking is mounted on the polyethylene floats PE 450, PE565 and PE650 filled with foamed polystyrene for displacement purpose. The dock structure is made from pressure treated pine beams. The decking is made from pressure treated pine boards. The sections are joined together with hinged connectors.

Our floating docks can be equipped with various accessories, e.g. cleats, guard-rails, ladders, pedestals. The dock sections can be anchored with anchoring poles or dead man collars. We provide our docks either assembled or prepared for self-assembly. All sections offer high displacement and a robust structure.

We can provide the floating docks in the following section sizes and quantities of PE floats:

L: 6.0m x D: 2.4m 10 3.16 T
L: 6.0m x D: 2.4m 6 1.90 T
L: 6.0m x D: 1.8m 10 3.16 T
L: 6.0m x D: 1.8m 6 1.90 T
L: 4.8m x D: 1.8m 8 2.53 T
L: 4.8m x D: 1.8m 4 1.27 T

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