TWIN kayak

TWIN kayak

The Roteko TWIN kayak is a versatile proposal for both beginners and experienced canoeists. It performs well on a lake and on a river, during long holidays and short breaks. Inside there is a lot of space for two adult canoeists.

The TWIN is a very stable, roomy, fast and manoeuvrable kayak.

It is made of the specially reinforced polyethylene tailored for kayak production. It is equipped with very comfortable, durable seats with a drink holder. The large exchangeable keel cover protects the keel against abrasion when a kayak is dragged along a shore.

Basic features:

  • Double-cockpit tandem with a high side
  • Flat, embossed bottom
  • Profiled bow and stern to facilitate canoeing on rough waters
  • Spacious luggage compartment and compartments before cockpits
  • Comfortable proven polyethylene seats with a drink holder

Standard equipment includes:

  • Durable, zig-zag type footrests
  • Front rigging – flexible net map-case
  • Exchangeable keel cover to protect from abrasion
  • Drain plug, situated on the bow to drain off the accumulated water
  • Ergonomic, durable handles

Optional equipment:

  • Waterproof bulkhead with a rubber lid for the luggage compartment
  • Netting on the map-case
  • Inner pockets
  • One or two containers before the cockpits
  • Spray decks

Standard colours:

  • yellow-red
  • yellow-orange
  • yellow-green
  • blue-white
  • red-black
  • yellow
  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • khaki

Please call to check if the colour is available!

Length: 430 cm
Beam: 76 cm
Side height: 29 cm
Max height: 35 cm
Weight: 38 kg
Capacity: 300 kg
Cockpit inside: 85 cm x 46 cm

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