for use in mining and industry

MATERIAL polyethylene liner, steel pipe

APPLICATION in rooms and underground workings classified as “a”, “b”, “c” levels of methane explosion hazard and “A” or “B” levels of coal dust explosion hazard and other industrial plants

RANGE from DN88.9 to DN610 mm, pressure to PN160

Two-layer steel and plastic pipes and fittings, consisting of an external steel pipe and an internal polyethylene liner tightly fitted to a steel pipe or fitting. Black or galvanized steel pipes can be seamless or seamed according to European standards. Pipe ends may be solid, loose, or specially made by roll or cut grooves for Victaulic-style joints. The thickness of the steel pipe wall and the thickness of the polyethylene liner depend on the pressure in the installation and the type of transported medium.


  • Victaulic System couplings
  • flange connections
  • welding


STAL/PE pipes and fittings can be made with a polyethylene liner in the following version:

  • with an allowance at the ends
  • with a rebate turned
  • flush with the face of the steel pipe
  • with telescopic end


Pipes are designed for the construction of transport installations:

  • water
  • brine and other water solutions,
  • chilled water in air conditioning systems,
  • process water with high solids content,
  • hydraulic backfill,
  • high pressure liquids,
  • chemically aggressive liquids,
  • compressed air and inert gases


  • operating temperature from -25 ° C to + 60 ° C,
  • working pressure up to PN 160 (depending on the steel pipe used).

Before using STAL / PE pipes for the transport of chemical agents, the resistance of polyethylene and the material of the seals to this chemical agent should be taken into account. STAL / PE pipes cannot be used for the transport of methane in underground workings of hard coal mines. ELPLAST + can make internal polyethylene lining of steel pipes and fittings supplied by the customer.


  • high abrasion resistance (for hydrotransport)
  • high chemical resistance to most substances present in the transported media
  • high smoothness of the inner surface of the polyethylene pipe reduces flow resistance
  • longer service life compared to steel pipes
  • there is no corrosion inside the pipe (PE lining)
  • no overgrowth with sediment – hydraulic parameters unchanged over time


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