STEEL PIPES galvanized for quick assembly



STEEL PIPES galvanized for quick assembly

for use in mining

MATERIAL galvanized steel

APPLICATION in rooms and underground workings classified as “a”, “b”, “c” of methane explosion hazard and “A” or “B” class of coal dust explosion hazard.

RANGE DN60.3 mm – DN219.1 mm pressure up to PN10

A system of thin-walled, double-sided, galvanized, steel STO-SM pipe and fittings joined in a groove system using Victaulic Style S / 75 flexible couplings. STO-SM pipes have Victaulic style joint grooves. To enable connection with existing installations, we offer single-sided flanged adapters with a fixed or loose flange.


The STO-SM type quick-assembly steel pipeline consists of:

  • Thin wall steel pipe, galvanized on both sides, grooved to Victaulic Groove Specification,
  • Victaulic system fittings (elbows, tees, reductions, etc.) or Victaulic Style S/75 flexible couplings made as above, consisting of a cast iron clamp, gasket, bolts and nuts.


  • steel pipe diameter range from DN60.3 to DN219.1 mm,
  • pipe wall thickness 1.1 – 2 mm,
  • nominal pressure PN10,
  • standard length L = 6 m.

At the customer’s individual request, it is possible to make pipe sections of a different length.


STO-SM quick assembly steel pipelines are intended for transport:

  • water, non-flammable liquids, aqueous suspensions,
  • compressed air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other non-explosive gases,
  • compounds and solids in the form of dusts.


Style STO-SM quick-fit steel pipe is mechanically joined using Victaulic couplings in accordance with the groove-joint principles.


  • low weight and smaller dimensions in relation to flanged pipes,
  • simple and quick assembly and disassembly,
  • easy transport, tight and safe connection,
  • possibility of multiple use of all elements,
  • long service life of hot-dip galvanized pipes on both sides,
  • the possibility of using traditional chain slings in underground workings under the ceiling, on the side and on the floor,
  • easy connection with any pipeline using adapters,


Reliable in emergency situations, e.g. fire or water hazard.


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