PE sleeve pipes

PE sleeve pipes

Our sleeve pipes are designed to secure preinsulated pipeline sections at points where preinsulated pipes are connected.
Manufactured in accordance with ZN ELPLAST+010:2009, the sleeve pipes are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), PE80 or PE100 grade, black, and in a standard version they are manufactured in 6m long sections. At customer’s request we can provide other lengths.

Nominal diameter
Nominal wall thickness
1 100 2.2
2 121 2.5
3 136 2.5
4 153 3.0
5 174 3.0
6 216 3.2
7 243 3.5
8 269 3.9
9 301 4.4
10 338 4.9
11 428 6.3
Table No 1: Dimensions of sleeve pipes


  • easy and quick installation
  • solid and maintenance-free connection protection
  • made of material worthless for scrap yards

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