PE-PU-PE pipes

PE-PU-PE pipes

„ELPLAST+” Sp. z o.o. manufactures the preinsulated pipes – PE-PU-PE.

The PE-PU-PE pipe consists of two polyethylene pipes: the external casing PE-NP.-AS pipe – and the internal carrier PE-AS pipe, and an insulation made of slow-burning polyurethane foam filling the space between them.

For production of preinsulated pipes we use carrier PE-AS pipes in diameter from Φ75 to Φ400 mm.

PE-PU-PE pipes are designed for process piping systems and air-conditioning systems, both underground and on the surface of mines that extract basic and common minerals (excluding gas, petroleum and hard coal)).

  • longer life in comparison to steel pipes
  • weight lower than in case of preinsulated steel pipes
  • excellent thermal insulation – low thermal conductivity coefficient
  • complete insulation tightness – no thermal bridges on joints
  • no encrustation – hydraulic parameters are constant in time
  • high smoothness of the surface resulting in lower resistance of flow (ca. 20% lower than in steel pipes)
  • no corrosion of the inner and outer surfaces
  • high resistance to abrasion caused by liquids containing suspended solids
  • high chemical resistance to the vast majority of substances present in transported media
  • possibility of using various pipe connection technologies.

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