PP-R pipes

Elplast+ manufactures pressure pipes made of polymer PP-R (polypropylene random copolymer), in diameters from 16 mm to 110 mm. In addition we offer fittings that are connected with pipes through polyfusion welding, Stabi pipes (with aluminium insert) and Stabi Glass pipes (reinforced with glass fibre insert) that provide a proven installation system. To ensure correct functioning of the system it is admissible to use fittings from other producers provided that such fittings comply with PN-EN ISO 15874-3: 2013. The pipes and fittings are designed for indoor hot and cold utility water systems and central heating systems. The components of the system may be also applied in such applications where the pipes design features and properties may be useful. This refers in particular to the systems used in building engineering, also in industrial one, including the piping systems for aggressive media, in agriculture and many other sectors of the economy. The pipes and fittings are manufactured in grey and the pipes are provided in 4 metre lengths.

PP-R pipes

Elplast+ manufactures pressure pipes made of polymer PP-R (polypropylene random copolymer),...

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