ELPLAST + offers a wide range of pipelines approved for use in mining plants extracting hard coal and non-flammable minerals (e.g. copper, salt, zinc, lead, sand). These pipelines are intended for water installations, compressed air, inert gases, hydrotransport, backfilling and others.

For many years, the company has been producing polyethylene pipes for the mining industry. It also offers steel pipes and multilayer pre-insulated pipes (steel and polyethylene) in flanged versions and for Victaulic connections. ELPLAST+ is the main distributor of the American company Victaulic products for the mining market. All pipelines have appropriate certificates authorizing them to mark products with the ‘B’ safety mark issued by the Central Mining Institute in Katowice, OBAC in Gliwice as well as by the Scientific and Research Coal Institute in Ostrava-Radvanice (Czech Republic). In each underground excavation and in the shafts of mining plants, the following can be used:

  1. armored polyethylene pipes and fittings type PE-NP-AS (flame-retardant and antistatic),
  2. pre-insulated steel pipes and fittings type PE-ST-PU-PE (with an internal polyethylene liner) and ST-PU-PE (without a liner), multi-layer in a polyethylene sheath,
  3. pre-insulated steel pipes, PE-ST-PU-SPIRO type (with an internal polyethylene liner) and ST-PU-SPIRO (without a liner), multilayer with SPIRO cover,
  4. steel pipes and fittings of the STAL-PE type, lined with polyethylene inside,
  5. thin-walled steel pipelines, galvanized, quick assembly type STO-SM.

In mining plants extracting non-flammable minerals and on the surface of hard coal mines, the following can be used:

  1. PE-AS polyethylene pipes and fittings with an external antistatic layer,
  2. PE-PU-PE polyethylene pipes and fittings, pre-insulated with polyethylene sheath.

Detailed properties and advantages of individual products are presented in the appendices.

ELPLAST + also offers clients from the mining industry:

  1. complete piping systems, i.e. a full range of polyethylene and steel fittings (elbows, tees, etc.),
  2. flanged or grooved adapters enabling the connection of the offered pipes with the existing pipeline,
  3. steel stubs, grooved for Victaulic connections,
  4. couplings, fittings, valves, pipe grooving equipment, and other Victaulic System products
  5. clamps for polyethylene pipes with a GW outlet, e.g. under hydrants (so-called drill holes),
  6. steel pipe grooving (rolling) service according to Victaulic specifications,
  7. technical consulting, training at the headquarters of ELPLAST+ or at the mine.